Podcast Episode

March 8, 2018

WRITE OR DIE: Episode Zero


Welcome to episode zero of The write or die podcast , a podcast that’s going to give you a real, unfiltered look behind the curtain of publishing. So many of the stories we hear are about the authors who are “overnight successes” but I wanted to highlight the stories that I hear every day from people in the community – writers who struggled to get an agent, to get their stories noticed or sold to a publisher, who almost gave up but didn’t. Being an author is hard, and it can also be very lonely but I’m here to let you know you’re NOT alone and that the struggle you’re enduring right now to reach your goal, is a lot more common than you think and believe it or not, it can definitely lead to success.

I’ll be sharing stories and interviews with published and agented authors, giving you writing advice and even answering your burning anonymous questions, on the air.

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