August 24, 2020

S3 E3: Janella Angeles & Emailing Andrew Lloyd Webber

Episode Description: 

Claribel and Kat discuss recent Twitter discourse about sharing good news and professional jealousy. How to deal with these feelings and refer to amazing advice from Holly Black’s WorD episode about jealousy! Then they talk to Janella Angeles about her debut Where Dreams Descend, what it feels like to pick yourself up after rejection, debuting in 2020, and a fun game where Claribel tries to guess the plot of Phantom of the Opera (yup, she’s never seen it!)


Janella Angeles is a Filipino-American author who got her start in writing through consuming glorious amounts of fanfiction at a young age–which eventually led to penning a few of her own, and later on, creating original stories from her imagination. A lifelong lover of books, she’s lucky enough to be working in the business of publishing them on top of writing them. She currently resides in Massachusetts, where she’s most likely to be found listening to musicals on repeat and daydreaming too much for her own good. WHERE DREAMS DESCEND, Book 1 in her debut fantasy Kingdom of Cards duology, will be out August 25, 2020 from Wednesday Books.

Our Phantom Of The Opera Game (photos):

Rules: Claribel had to guess what she thought was going on in the photos

Photo #1
Photo #2
Photo #3
Photo #4
Photo #5


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  1. Aamna says:

    Write or die is the first podcast series I’ve ever lis tend to and I looveee it! You all have such lovely voices and the dynamic between Kat and Claribel is just *chefs kiss*. I love the author interviews and publishing/writer stories are particularly informative and inspiring! I would like to point out that I think Kat’s mic is a weee bit quiter than the rest; it would be helpful if the her voice were a bit louder. But in all thank you for your hard work in sharing this series with us, and for everyone sharing their journeys. I feel like this series shows the warm, beautiful side of writing and publishing.

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