January 20, 2020

S2 E11: Amanda Foody & Selfies of Readers Crying

Claribel and Kat talk about New Year’s Resolutions and Claribel explains her postcard method! Plus we talk to Amanda Foody about her publishing journey, having multiple agents and her thoughts about debuting with a Middle Grade after writing multiple books in Young Adult.

About Amanda Foody:

Amanda Foody has always considered imagination to be our best attempt at magic. After a double life as an accountant preparing taxes for multinational corporations, she now spends her free time brewing and fermenting foods much more easily obtained at her local grocery store. She lives in Boston, MA with a hoard of books guarded by the most vicious of feline companions, Jelly Bean.

Her books include Daughter of the Burning City, Ace of Shades and King of Fools. The next installment of The Shadow Game series, Queen of Volts, releases on September 1, 2020. Her Middle Grade debut The Accidental Apprentice (the first in her new Wilderlore series) comes out Spring 2021 Margaret K McElderry Books at Simon & Schuster!

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“Anything that matters to you, you can make it matter again even after you’ve shelved it. You can always come back to something.” — Amanda Foody

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