December 2, 2019

S2 E9: Ryan La Sala & Bedazzling Your Eggs

This week, Kat & Claribel discuss social anxiety at book events plus we bring back Ryan La Sala to talk about what’s changed in his life since he’s announced his book deal and how he uses videos, fashion, and bedazzled eggs to build his social media presence!


Ryan La Sala is a fantasy writer rooted in the northeast United States. His first book, REVERIE, is a YA fantasy due for publication with Sourcebooks FIRE on December 3, 2019. It’s about what happens when your dreams chase you back, and yes it has a drag queen sorceress as the villain.

You can find out more about REVERIE on Ryan’s site here (including where to order!), or you can check out reviews/info on Goodreads, here.

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