S2 E19: Isabel Ibañez & What Did Claribel Want to Say?

Claribel and Kat discuss current events and how things currently happening in publishing might be making some authors feel uncertainty. Then they interview Isabel Ibañez about her path to publication and how she came up with the very personal topic of her debut novel, Woven in Moonlight, inspired by...

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S2 E18: Victoria Lee & A Write Or Die Exclusive Secret

We talk about the financial reality of becoming a writer/author and how writing full-time might not be right for everyone. Then we interview Victoria Lee, the author of The Fever King and The Electric Heir. We discuss what it was like to be traditionally published at a new kind...

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S2 E17: Marie Rutkoski and The Personal Is The Most Artistic

In this episode we discuss the dangers of comparison in publishing and we interview the amazing NYT Bestselling author, Marie Rutkoski, about her new book The Midnight Lie and what it feels like writing a book in the same world as a previous series but with a very personal...

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S2 E16: Nafiza Azad & using anger as writing fuel

We answer some more AMA’s including how authors do their own promo and outside insight about Street Teams. Then Kat & Claribel interview Nafiza Azad, the author of Morris Award Finalist Novel, Candle and the Flame. We talk about her experience learning creative writing in school, getting her agent,...

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S2 E15: Karuna Riazi and going “out of order”

Kat and Claribel discuss what it’s like to work on multiple projects at a time and how to meet multiple deadlines. They also interview author Karuna Riazi about debuting with a book packager, querying after you’ve already debuted, and why she decided to go to an MFA program! Bio:...

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S2 E14: Barbara Poelle & Poelling it

Claribel and Kat answer some AMA’s (including talking about their skincare routine!) They also interview the amazingly funny literary agent Barbara Poelle about her past as a stand-up comic, her life as a literary agent, how to live life with humility and humor, and rage push-ups. Barbara Poelle began...

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S2 E13: Quressa Robinson & All her inbox secrets

Claribel and Kat discuss current events including conversations around American Dirt. They also interview Literary Agent Quressa Robinson about her path to becoming an agent, what she thinks the industry should do to provide support to POC, and her MSWL! Bio: Literary agent Quressa Robinson joined the Nelson Literary...

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S2 E12: Ronni Davis & Sims or Die

Kat & Claribel talk about what *not* to do when you get a bad review. Ronni Davis joins us to talk about her publishing journey, how publishing has changed in the past decade, how publishing is part of the entertainment industry, and writing black girls who get to be...

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S2 E11: Amanda Foody & Selfies of Readers Crying

Claribel and Kat talk about New Year’s Resolutions and Claribel explains her postcard method! Plus we talk to Amanda Foody about her publishing journey, having multiple agents and her thoughts about debuting with a Middle Grade after writing multiple books in Young Adult. About Amanda Foody: Amanda Foody has...

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Write or Die Hosts

Claribel A. Ortega

Author & Founder

Claribel A. Ortega is a former reporter who writes YA & MG fantasy inspired by her Dominican heritage. When she’s not busy turning her obsession with eighties pop culture, magic and video games into books, she’s making  GIFS for her small graphic design business, GIFGRRL. Her debut middle grade novel GHOST SQUAD is coming April, 7th 2020 from Scholastic and her graphic novel RIZOS is out with FIRSTSECOND BOOKS in 2022.

Kat Cho

Author & Co-Host

Kat Cho is a YA author who loves to incorporate her Korean heritage in her writing, especially if it involves describing food. She loves anything that encourages nerding out, including reading, K-dramas, K-pop and anime. She’s the author of Wicked Fox (Putnam/Penguin, 2019).

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